5 Kitchen Interior Design for Small Spaces in US

Small kitchen rooms are particularly tricky when it comes to the optimal planning of the kitchen, because in a small kitchen there is little space available. Everything wants to be well thought out and used every inch. We show you 5 kitchen interior design for small spaces in US. Get inspired:

1. Great idea through the kitchen in the room is a small kitchen with this kitchen island is open. High cabinets simply disappear into the wall and hide the refrigerator, oven and cupboards. Only 70 inch of space in the kitchen-island not only includes sinks and cooking stations, also offers a small dining area for 2 people.

2. A small kitchen can also design a chic kitchen. Cherry front strong beams with shiny lacquer top lit around betting. The modern grip niches look not only in fashion, but also eye-catching. The central laundry is also a washing machine and dryer, which is perfectly integrated into the combi room-high cabinet. In this way, the available space is optimally exploited.

3. In this small kitchen room available is very narrow. The ergonomic arrangement of all areas of the kitchen should be properly regulated. The station is located in the kitchen washing, baking, cooling and cooking so that all the work the kitchen can be served quickly. The glass inserts in the cupboard above to make the kitchen bright and airy. Worktop, mounted on the wall, serves not only as a dining area, but also as a kitchen and surface of work.

4. In bright white, this kitchen idea presents itself with modern frame fronts, because white makes a small kitchen look bright, friendly and also much bigger. The free niche is illuminated by lighted glass floor girders. The practical gas cooker with powerful extractor hood makes cooking and baking even in this small kitchen great fun.

5. In this small kitchen meets the classic white on trendy wood. This is a small kitchen look modern and varied. A friendly fresh wall paint makes a good start in the day and makes you want a round of early sports. The essential is not the only way to make a difference. Open shelf shelves above the cabinet and under the cupboards create space for beautiful things and loosen the kitchens picture.

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